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Pacific Asia Travel Association
Pacific Asia Travel Association
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Exotic Beach Holidays

Our exotic beaches await you. Enjoy the sun and sea in one of our selected beaches and take part in a variety of thrilling water sports or just unwind and relax under the warmth of the sun. At our selection of beach resorts you can indulge in blissful spa treatments and savor mouth-watering cuisines.
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Family Holidays

Family holidays are all about spending precious time with your loved ones while also having the opportunity to enjoy time to yourselves. Our exotic selections of hotels and resorts are well-designed to suite your family needs with endless activities and facilities.
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Wildlife Holidays

Come face to face with a leopord or an elephant. Feel the excitement of traveling in the wildlife reserves with our experience trackers. You can spend the night in the forest in a well-serviced tent or in a resort just at the boarder of the reserve.

With more than 450 bird species of resident and emigrants, Sri Lanka is a fascinating birding destination for viewing a great variety within a short stay. You can combine this adventure with your travel stay in the Island and visit a wide area of sanctuaries in short time.
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Adventure Holidays

Adventure holiday is a phrase that means different things to different people. Whatever adventure means to you, we can help. We have dedicated adventure travel guides, tailor made travel options. As far as adventure companies go, we think that our 25 years of Global travel experience makes us travel experts. If you'd like to speak with us directly, send us an inquiry and we will happily help with any queries.
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Plan your dream wedding in one of our exotic beach resorts. Let your family and friends be with you when you affirm your love for one another. Our experienced wedding concierge will help you in every step of the way to create that unforgettable moment. Like a partner, we will be your trusted and reliable friend to see you through. Talk to us.
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Ayurvedic & Spa

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health that acts as an all-encompassing system of mental, physical and spiritual care. Our luxury Ayurveda holidays are the perfect way to reconnect with yourself and experience a complete sense of tranquility. These traditional healing practices can help cure emotional imbalances and rejuvenate your whole body and spirit. Immerse yourself in one of our handpicked Ayurveda holidays, which can include spa treatments to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.
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Business travel & events

There's nothing like having your business or special event in the heart of the tropics. Business travel & event management is the provision of support services to enable businesses to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximize traveller welfare, whilst fulfilling their global business travel needs. We create success for our clients and their travellers by working harder and going further. There is a passion that can be felt at every level that drives the uniquely individual service we provide every day. We deliver value at every step of the travel & event management program, applying our industry-leading insight to enable greater choice, security and savings.​​​​​​​    
Reise Garanti Fond RGF
Reise Garanti Fond RGF
Pacific Asia Travel Association
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